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Out of the Caballero Fabriek, we built two studios where we can host live stream events for your public. Cabfabstudios is ideal for hosting your online event. 

Making sure your message is delivered with good visuals is key to keep your participants attention. We take care of that. These days online meetings are not special anymore. To keep your clients or staff involved with you is essential for a good business.

It’s no question that having a 1-on-1, in-person conversation with a prospect would be the most effective way to earn your business a new customer. But we know it is hard to engage your people that live around the world. Doing a remote webinar that allows you to connect with hundreds of people all over the world in a couple of hours is the solution.

The Next Level

Webinars are special for two main reasons. First off, they’re one-time events that happen LIVE. If your audience shows up late, they miss part of it. If they don’t show up at all, they miss all of it. This is the power of scarcity, and it’s the foundation of any webinar campaign. With a video, the viewer knows that she can pause it and come back at any time… that’s not the case with webinars. 

The second reason is conversational engagement. With webinars, your audience gets a voice. They can chat, vocalize opinions, asks questions, answer questions, and more. When someone is asking questions and chatting about what they’re being taught, they’re more focused and engaged by default.



We strive to convey your content clearly to your participants. With visual images, we can convey your message to your viewers and ensure that an interaction arises.

To know more about how we can help you with the content for your live stream, please visit our website. 


How we work


After the confirmation, we will sit together (virtually or in our studio) to go through the script to make sure we have a clear vision of what we want to achieve with the live-stream.


To brighten up your live event we are able to create video content if necessary.


Before going live, we build up a unique stage that fits according to your company's style. We can setup interactive polls via Slido and monitors displaying your presentation. 


To know more about your participants, we can set up a registration page so they can fill in the information you want. We will send them a link and a reminder mail for your custom build live-stream page. 

Meet us


Fried-jan Van Den Eerenbeemt

Creative director


Thomas Klomp

Creative director


Machella Van Den Eerenbeemt

Project manager


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